Flash Memory Summit: August 13-15 Santa Clara Convention Center

August 2, 2013


See You At Flash Memory Summit

August 2, 2013


FIO and OCZ got hammered last week…

July 15, 2012

OCZ got hammered after the earnings call so I went ahead added a boatload…earnings for FIO in 30 days.  One analyst predicts $95m for the quarter with increased margins above 54%*.  That equates to FY12 of $347.7m in revenue.  I believe the FY12 number will be closer to $400m and the margin will be slightly less — here is the YTD chart for FIO compared to OCZ.


One expert I spoke with said the FIO/Princeton announcement about seamless memory w/ HSM applied is more marketing spin than technology innovation.  But my feeling is the horse is out of the barn on this announcement which was lead by Princeton University.  Net Net:  Rick White still owns the flash mindspace — no one even comes close.

In other not random news:

  • A buddy of mine is now at CORAID — he’s one of the most senior and respected pre-sales engineers in the storage space and his Rolodex is without peer.  Carl Wright is making waves over there.
  • Google just picked up some really ugly space on the western side of 101 and Informedika, my firm, got kicked out of our month-to-month lease recently — we were in the no-man’s-land east of 101 in that little corner tucked in between Moffett and NetApp.
  • Traffic on both the 101 & 280 are misery this summer.
  • Some friends  just paid $1000 sq/ft for a condo in SOMA on the east side of 3rd street.

Conclusion:  Silicon Valley (and the Bay Area in general)  Is Back

*Courtesy of Andrew Nowinski.  Copyright 2012 Piper Jaffray. All rights reserved.

Woz had this to say about my colleague John Walker

June 25, 2012

John was the best operations person I ever knew or imagined. He had tight control over his focus no matter how tough the job. When things get busy, John remains even and calm and in control. He is the sort of person I would want to work with or for. He had high integrity and would never distort the truth or significance of his work. As an aside, he accomplished amazing things that were critical to Fusion-io’s success.” June 15, 2012

Steve WozniakChief Scientist, Fusion-io
worked with John W. at Fusion-io

Motley Fool: Is Fusion-io the Perfect Stock? (spoiler alert: No — there’s OCZ among others)

February 22, 2012

…Fusion-io’s products are designed more for the high end, with a massive 10-terabyte drive that is several orders of magnitude faster to access than standard drives. For now, that gives Fusion-io a huge competitive edge over Western Digital and Seagate (Nasdaq: STX  ) — at least for the highest-end applications. The company counts Facebook as its biggest customer.

But competition will be fierce going forward. Western Digital and Seagate have gotten into solid-state drives and have seen some promise, and peer OCZ Technology (Nasdaq: OCZ  ) saw a similarly impressive jump in revenue in its most recent quarter. EMC (NYSE: EMC  ) has also recently announced its new VFCache technology, using flash chips to accelerate performance.

(full post here:  http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2012/02/22/is-fusion-io-the-perfect-stock.aspx)

This is why Fusion-io snapped at the chance to grab Woody Hutsell from TMS…

February 5, 2012

and why everyone else is trying to catch up…

Woody’s recent blog repost on the FIO website is stunning and tells the growth story in the VM world.  There is nothing like this anywhere else technology-wise.  EMC’s lightning has nothing on Fusion-io.

See it here:  http://www.fusionio.com/blog/why-server-side-caching-rocks/

What’s going on at Virident?

January 18, 2012

Virident Repost of 3-year old Gartner Report?

Last night Virident posted a tweet with a 3-year old Gartner report about the dangers of going sole source.  Obviously they believe that Fusion-io is the “sole source” of danger.  I think Virident fails to realize that OCZ/Marvell has snuck up on them and perhaps overtaken them — at least on the sales/marketing front.

Once thought of as the natural competition to Fusion-io, Virident took down a really nice C round of financing in November 2011 but has not been heard of since except for a few job postings and the occasional tweet.

The message “We’re better than Fusion-io” seems to be what Virident is all about these days.