Violin Memory Pads Tech Advisory Panel (again)

November 23, 2009

Violin Memory just snagged Bill Pappas for their Technical Advisory Panel. Pappas is the CIO of Alliance One International — more about them here:

This is getting to be a bit of acrowded space but Violin CEO Don Basile has done a fantastic job getting Violin back on its feet along with COO Dixon Doll, Jr.  I am expecting major win updates as well as product announcements in 1Q10.

Comparing Enterprise-Class SSD Storage Appliances

November 19, 2009

The market for SSD-based or at least SSD-inclusive storage appliances is broadening from purpose-built devices in support of specific applications to a more generic layer some call TierZero supporting basic compute operations that require low latency, fast throughput, higher bandwidth.  Below is a list of manufacturers; I’m pulling together some notes and will publish a brief chart in a future post.

  • 3Par
  • Avere
  • Compellant
  • Data Direct Networks
  • DataRam
  • DELL
  • DolphinICS
  • EMC
  • Gear6
  • HP
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • IBM
  • NetApp
  • Nimbus
  • Schooner Information Technology
  • Solid Access
  • SUN
  • Teradata
  • Texas Memory Systems
  • Violin Memory
  • WhipTail

I’m interested in published specifications, use-cases, and sales strategy.  Hopefully this will help you cut through some of the clutter.