July 16, 2012

you read that right — here it is from last week’s Motley Fool:

3. There are better stocks to own.

If you think there are better stocks to own, sell your Apple shares, and use the proceeds to buy those stocks instead.

Growth investors could look to a smaller company in a burgeoning new market. One possibility is Fusion-IO (NYSE: FIO  ) , a leader in the fast-growing solid-state drive market. The stock is currently trading 50% below the average analyst target estimates.

Motley Fool: Is Fusion-io the Perfect Stock? (spoiler alert: No — there’s OCZ among others)

February 22, 2012

…Fusion-io’s products are designed more for the high end, with a massive 10-terabyte drive that is several orders of magnitude faster to access than standard drives. For now, that gives Fusion-io a huge competitive edge over Western Digital and Seagate (Nasdaq: STX  ) — at least for the highest-end applications. The company counts Facebook as its biggest customer.

But competition will be fierce going forward. Western Digital and Seagate have gotten into solid-state drives and have seen some promise, and peer OCZ Technology (Nasdaq: OCZ  ) saw a similarly impressive jump in revenue in its most recent quarter. EMC (NYSE: EMC  ) has also recently announced its new VFCache technology, using flash chips to accelerate performance.

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Fusion-io on Motley Fool: Go to 1:38 for FIO Mentions

January 19, 2012

Rising Stars To Watch in 2012: FIO

January 5, 2012

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Fusion-io (NYSE: FIO)

Enterprise SSD manufacturer Fusion-io is off to an amazing start so far in 2012, as demand for high-performance storage solutions is on the rise. Fusion-io manufactures and produces high-performance drives that can churn through massive amounts of data at lightning-fast speed, which is certainly appealing to their high-profile customers like Facebook and Apple.

Fusion-io continues to grow at a rapid pace, as their revenues grew from $36M in 2010 to an astounding $199M in 2011. The huge increase in sales speaks volumes to how well Fusion-io’s products are being received in the marketplace. Not only is the company generating a signifigant amount of revenue, they are earning a significant amount of margin as well. Their gross margins (66.1% for Q2) are signifigantly higher than their industry peers SimpleTech (STEC) and OCZ Technology Group (OCZ).

The company is certainly the key player in the Enterprise SSD space and they have the clout to match it. Fusion-io’s braintrust includes technology visionary Steve Wozniak and they continue to add strong engineering talent to their roster. Look for Fusion-io to deliver another strong year of profitable growth in 2012.

FOOL REPOST: The 5 Best IPOs of 2011

November 29, 2011

Fusion isn’t just science fiction
Data-storage start-up Fusion-io has been off to a galloping start, even though it fell more than 25% last week from its peak on Nov. 17. Are investors worried that their peers are a little overeager for a company with a triple-digit P/E? The company’s got the Woz on board, but there’s precious little financial history to analyze. Its solid-state solution seems to bechallenging some major players, but don’t forget that computer hardware, especially hard drives, is a brutally competitive industry. There are a lot of questions surrounding this company, but a lot of potential.

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