Whiptail nails Series B from existing investors; fails to say how much

January 18, 2012

Yesterday Whiptail announced their Series B Funding from the exact same list as Series A.  The A round was taken down in July 2011 and also failed to announce the size/amount.  Richard Fade from Ignition is joining the board.  Ignition is based in Bellevue, WA and hosts mainly former Microsoft folks including Cameron Myhrvold.

A quick review of Ignition’s website lists many investments and the amounts.  Not sure why Whiptail chose not to disclose.

Supercharging Exchange with Solid State—without Breaking the Bank

November 25, 2009

Chris Featherstone is a Fusion-io Solutions Architect / Microsoft Expert. This is a webcast sponsored by Fusion-io. Next time use a throat lozenge, Chris.

DESCRIPTION:  See how Fusion-io’s revolutionary solid-state storage technology is supercharging Microsoft Exchange, helping users get much more performance and reliability for less. Fusion-io helps Exchange users get the most out of every dollar by making it possible to support more mailboxes per mailstore, increase access times and decrease backup and recovery times.

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