HGST Highway to Helium

March 28, 2015


HGST Helium Drive: Full IDC Whitepaper Here

January 28, 2014


Filling the cavity of an HDD with helium nearly eliminates the wind turbulence that disturbs the heads.   This gives HDD manufacturers design freedom to add more disks and heads to an HDD to reach a higher capacity without adversely affecting the drive’s reliability.

A sealed helium-filled drive cavity also significantly reduces the friction that occurs while disks are spinning inside the drive. Less power will be needed to operate a sealed helium-filled drive, and in the future, more disks could be added to the drive without adversely impacting power consumption.

HGST’s HelioSeal platform may be considered by some as unconventional. However, some HDD manufacturers already fill the drive cavity with helium temporarily during the HDD manufacturing process. Filling the drive cavity with helium temporarily is unexceptional. On the other hand, preventing helium from escaping from a disk drive over a prolonged period of time, over its entire useful life, is extraordinary.

Helium Taking HDDs to New Heights

What does India have to say about Fusion-io?

August 1, 2011


In March, research firm Gartner lowered its growth forecast for 2011 PC shipments to 10.5 percent from its earlier view of 15.9 percent, citing the cannibalization of notebooks by tablet devices.

“For the September quarter, we’re forecasting notebook shipments on a global basis to be up only 10 percent sequentially, when historically they grew about 25 percent sequentially,” said Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar.

Not only are tablets using SSDs, but companies like Apple and Hewlett-Packard have started replacing hard disk drives with SSDs in their new laptops.

“The sad part is that traditional HDD vendors had a tremendous opportunity because they had scale (and) original equipment manufacturer relationships, but they missed out,” said Kaushik Roy, analyst at Merriman Capital.

As flash drives become cheaper, more PCs will switch, forcing HDD makers to muscle their way into a market dominated by STEC Inc , Fusion-io Inc and privately-held Violin Memory.

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Steve Sicola: SUPERSTAR!!

June 22, 2010


CRN unveiled its 2010 class of Storage Superstars spotlighting 10 “individuals and groups that made the modern storage industry what it is today.” And among the visionaries honored was Xiotech CTO Steve Sicola.

The “driving force on several generations of storage arrays and architectures,” Steve was recognized for his nearly 40 patents, tenure at Compaq and DEC, and as VP of Seagate’s Advanced Storage Architecture (ASA) Group. Informally known as the “Skunk Works” – an homage to Lockheed Martin’s legendary engineering team – the ASA Group was acquired by Xiotech in 2007 and architected ISE.

“Steve embodies the passion, commitment and innovative thinking – all hallmarks of Xiotech – that serve as the foundation of this company and have fueled the revolution that is ISE,” said Xiotech President and CEO Alan Atkinson. “With Steve overseeing our Storage Fellows Program, we look forward to his (and others’) continued contributions to the industry and Xiotech – including the next-generation of ISE.”

Congratulations Steve!


December 1, 2009

Evolution of Storage

(courtesy Curtiss Spontelli)