Storage Horizons: Steve Sicola has a new Blog!

March 14, 2012

Steve Sicola is a GIANT in storage and someone you should know if  you don’t already.  I just found out he is posting to a new blog called Storage Horizons:


Something about XIO (formerly Xiotech)

November 12, 2011

I just need to say that there is a ton of IP buried in this company and many of the brightest minds in storage.  Someday this will make a classic HBR article  — but in the meantime it’s just sad.

I invite your comment.


Steve Sicola: SUPERSTAR!!

June 22, 2010


CRN unveiled its 2010 class of Storage Superstars spotlighting 10 “individuals and groups that made the modern storage industry what it is today.” And among the visionaries honored was Xiotech CTO Steve Sicola.

The “driving force on several generations of storage arrays and architectures,” Steve was recognized for his nearly 40 patents, tenure at Compaq and DEC, and as VP of Seagate’s Advanced Storage Architecture (ASA) Group. Informally known as the “Skunk Works” – an homage to Lockheed Martin’s legendary engineering team – the ASA Group was acquired by Xiotech in 2007 and architected ISE.

“Steve embodies the passion, commitment and innovative thinking – all hallmarks of Xiotech – that serve as the foundation of this company and have fueled the revolution that is ISE,” said Xiotech President and CEO Alan Atkinson. “With Steve overseeing our Storage Fellows Program, we look forward to his (and others’) continued contributions to the industry and Xiotech – including the next-generation of ISE.”

Congratulations Steve!

Too good to be true? Make me prove it…

April 19, 2010


Taking disruptive technology to early adoption is in my DNA — the very fabric of who I am.  I’ve had the privilege to engage with great technologists — many of whom remain colleagues today.  As many of you know, I am recently on board at Xiotech, some of which was part of Seagate until a few years ago and is still an integral part of our ownership and our IP.  The messaging in the storage space can be confusing — here are some ideas that may help break through the noise.  So here’s your challenge:


Q:  What do IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, NetApp, 3Par, Compellent and Xiotech have in common?

A:  We all use disk drives manufactured by Seagate.

No matter which storage vendor you deploy, Seagate drives are at the heart of the technology.  Now let me share with you Xiotech’s Integrated Storage Element (ISE).  We take the very same Seagate technology to the next level — after all, we know these drives better than any other storage vendor.


PLAN #1:  Deploy 100 $20k storage subsystems of [INSERT YOUR BRAND HERE] each costing  15% to keep under maintenance in years 4 & 5 (assuming 3 year warranty) = $600,000. 

PLAN #2:  Acquire xiotech ISE @ 30% less initial acquistion cost/space/energy to produce the same performance (or better) and pay $0 in hardware maintenance over 5 years. 

          or – use the comparable acquisition cost to get 30% more performance from the start

          or – use the NPV of the maintenance to get more performance/density

If you’re a former client from FileTek, Agilis, Sensar, Verity, Immersion or Fusion-io, you’ve seen what I’ve seen:  disruptive technology making a significant difference — and Xiotech ISE is no different.

Don’t believe me?  MAKE ME PROVE IT!


Xiotech Plugs iPad @ SNW

April 14, 2010

Xiotech iPhone/iPad app at SNW from Stephen Foskett on Vimeo.

Can you say this on TV? Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, HDS, HP, IBM, LSI, NetApp, NEC, Promise and every other manufacturer of the classic dual controller, modular array or monolithic array have got it wrong.

April 14, 2010


Comment Xiotech wants CorteX to be the door to a new storage world. CorteX is a REST-using API that lets an application access and manage Xiotech’s storage brick, its ISE (Intelligent Stage Element), the sort of super disk drive with fail-in-place components, a five-year warranty and terrific performance from its multiple spindles.

See the entire post here:  “Xiotech’s CorteX to change the storage world”

Xiotech Debuts ISE NAS

April 14, 2010

Today Xiotech launched a turn-key, scale-out, network-attached storage (NAS) solution pairing our patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE™) blades with Symantec’s (Nasdaq: SYMC) FileStore product, a file serving platform that delivers industry-leading performance and scale to enterprise storage environments. The joint solution allows cloud service providers, high-performance computing environments and data storage users to achieve cost effective and comprehensive file-based data management and protection with maximum performance and scalability.

To read more, please visit:

Heading to Las Vegas? The 2 Interop Sessions you MUST NOT MISS

April 12, 2010
Tuesday, April 27:  4:00 PM–5:00 PM
Application Acceleration from a Data Storage Perspective

Data storage is just one element in the application delivery ecosystem, but it turns out that it is often the critical performance bottleneck.  A number of new technologies have come out in the recent years to optimize storage performance.  This session reviews several of these innovations and explains how  some performance-optimization technologies can be easily integrated into the existing storage infrastructure. Topics include spindle aggregation, various storage acceleration devices, application-level QoS techniques, and caching or hot-spotting with solid state disk.  Specific attention will be given to accelerating network file systems, MS Exchange, and SQL databases. 

SpeakerJacob Farmer, CTO, Cambridge Computer Services

Jacob Farmer is an industry-recognized expert on storage networking and data protection technologies.  He has served on the advisory boards of many of the most successful storage technology startups, and is well respected in the analyst community.  Jacob is a graduate of Yale University.

Wednesday, April 28:  2:00 PM–3:00 PM
Overview and Current Topics in Solid State Storage

This session provides introductory material and discussion of solid state storage.  A comprehensive overview of the technology, from components to devices to systems is provided, along with an overview of several current topics surrounding the integration, deployment, use and application of solid state storage.  The material is intended for those who are not familiar with solid state storage in the enterprise and wish to develop a working understanding of the technology and its usage.   Learning Objectives Understand solid state storage technology in its various forms Understand common characteristics and behaviors of solid state storage Understand the benefits of using solid state storage in enterprise applications  

SpeakerRobert Peglar, Vice President Technology, Xiotech Corporation

Rob Peglar is Vice President Technology and Senior Fellow for Xiotech Corporation as well as holding a seat on the board of SNIA.  Mr. Peglar holds the B.S. degree in Computer Science from Washington University, St. Louis Missouri, and performed graduate work at Washington University’s Sever Institute of Engineering. 

Gartner: IT Spending to Grow 5.3% in 2010

April 12, 2010
Worldwide computing hardware spending is forecast to reach $353 billion in 2010, a 5.7 percent increase from 2009 (see Table 1). Robust consumer spending on mobile PCs will drive hardware spending in 2010. Enterprise hardware spending will grow again in 2010, but it will remain below its 2008 level through 2014. Spending on storage will enjoy the fastest growth in terms of enterprise spending as the volume of enterprise data that needs to be stored continues to increase. Near-term spending on servers will be concentrated on lower-end servers; longer-term, server spending will be curtailed by virtualization, consolidation and, potentially, cloud computing.

Xiotech Announces CorteX Developer Community

April 12, 2010

CorteX Forums Central

Welcome to Xiotech’s CorteX Forums.  Here you can access hosted resources including forums, reference material, and downloads supporting CorteX Services, ISE Technology, key development documentation and sample code, and other Xiotech programs.

What is CorteX?  CorteX is Xiotech’s storage API, allowing for both control of and information from an individual Intelligent Storage Element (ISE).  CorteX is a RESTful service running directly on ISE, to provide the best balance of capability and simplicity.  Start Developing Now »