Hidden Gardens In Pacific Heights

April 7, 2013

These four homes all have huge green spaces — you would never know by passing them on the street.  This is the corner of California and Franklin in Pacific Heights:

four houses in my 'hood

SF Real Estate Update: $/sg.ft for Last Half of 2012 in Prestige Northern Neighborhoods

February 16, 2013



November 30, 2009

One of my colleagues is moving back to the Bay Area to take a MAJOR-LEAGUE job and he is selling his townhouse in Brooklyn.  88 Prospect Park SW is the perfect location for young family — walk everywhere and 10-minute commute to Wall Street.


San Francisco Real Estate Update

November 12, 2009

I had breakfast with a collegaue from Paragon Real Estate this morning, Oggi Kashi.  I’ve known Oggi for about 8 years now and he is a Broker Associate these days.  We talked about local trends, financing, momentum, etc.  He just sent me this chart:

SFRE Chart

Here’s what it all means:    The chart illustrates the difference between an investment made on January 1, 2000 in one of the major U.S. stock indices and one made in either a San Francisco house or condominium.  This is simply a sample analysis to show how real estate usually appreciates over the longer term:  numbers may change dramatically according to the period used in the calculation.

Since it is based upon an all-cash purchase, it does not adjust for the fact that a home bought all cash could be lived in or rented without any mortgage expense, which is certainly a major added value that does not pertain to stock ownership. If one made the calculation based upon a 20% or 25% down-payment, the return on investment on real estate purchased would soar into the hundreds of percent.

Even in periods when the stock markets generate a good return on investment, one should note that significant capital gains taxes apply to stocks, but primary residences occupied for a minimum period of time, are exempt from capital gains taxes for the first $250,000 – $500,000 of gain depending on whether the purchaser was one or two persons.

San Francisco real estate has usually proven to be an excellent investment over the longer term due to the advantages of leverage, the incredible tax benefits of home-ownership in the United States, and local demographic and appreciation trends.

Thanks for passing this along Oggi.