SPOILER ALERT:  Another Great Night at Jacks

I was meeting a colleague for supper on our way over to Yoshi’s to see the Jazz Crusaders.  My very first thought was Jack’s on Fillmore.  My wife and I used to hang out there A LOT a few years back but things changed and we moved closer to Polk Street yadda yadda…

Anyway, I was on the #23 approaching Jack’s at about 8p last Saturday — there were perhaps 10 or 12 really stylish folks waiting to get in — a very good sign.  Getting off the bus I bumped into my bud and we threaded our way in the front door.

Jack was helping out table #1 — the big one in the window .  Now everyone knows that Jack is EXPERT on Italian and Spanish wines — I heard him doing his thing while we hung out.

A few minutes later he “created” a two-top and we sat down.  The place was buzzing with conversations, food, wine, and just a very nice atmosphere.  We could see the wait staff “sailing” around the room with steaming plates.

I ordered a Prosecco (naturally) and didn’t even look at the menu.  The bruschetta came out — Jack’s amouse bouche — such a nice touch but can be tricky, right?  The tomato/garlic melange is just perfect here — another good sign.

knew I wanted Jack’s famous Julienne  squash w/ almonds and peccorino — you know the dish from Jack’s youtube video.  It came out promptly and did not disappoint.  I ordered another Prosecco to go with my salmon.  Has anyone but me noticed the salmon this year is spectacular?  The dish came out perfectly executed:  salmon over greens — so simple but so good.

Finished off with some Escencia and then off to Yoshi’s.

NOTE TO SELF:  Need to get back to Jack’s more often — amazing kitchen, great atmosphere, easy on the wallet — and, of course, Jack in the house.

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