Labs Can Leverage HIEs, Lab Hubs, and LOINC to Win New Business and Advance “Meaningful Use”

This is an audio concall sponsored by DARK DAILY which I totally missed, regretably.

There is so much terrific content — here is a small sample:



  • The challenges and deficiencies of lab-data interoperability in the HITECH era as they relate to ambulatory EHRs and LIMS.
  • Recognizing the power of meaningful use (MU) as a driver for adoption, collaboration, and innovation.
    oUnderstanding the implications of the ONC’s LRI standard.
  • How to bring multiple competing EHR vendors to collaborate.
  • How the role of a lab hub compares to that of an HIE.
  • Current status of HIE capabilities and how they relate to lab orders and results.
  • The advantages that an HIE can provide your lab.
  • How participation in a lab hub could benefit your lab’s sales efforts.
  • Potential scale-up feasibility and secondary uses of lab hubs.
  • The benefits of mapping your test catalog to LOINC.
  • How to use LOINC coding in results even though current laboratory information systems don’t support it.
  • The definition of an ONC LRI and what it means to your lab.

Here is the link:

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