Heart Attack Update: Day 60

It’s been two months to the day since my heart attack — here’s an update:

So far, I am asymptomatic except I still tire easily.  Since I am still taking a heavy dose of medications designed to keep my heart from working too hard, it’s difficult to walk inclines — flat or downhill no problem.  Plus I am somewhat short-tempered.  People who know me have noticed.

I participate in monitored cardiac rehab 3x a week which means I am sore most of the time.  This may have to do with the heavy dose of statins that I am on, as well.

I am down 20lbs to 165lbs and trying to keep it there or even just a bit lower.  Cheese and organ meats are out entirely; I still enjoy wine but candidly the flavors are different now so have been cutting back.  Also cutting back on carbs as much as I can — difficult.  Lots of salad lately.  I am especially fond of the “big bowl” salad with tuna at The Creperie (corner of Polk and Washington).  Very light dressing and the tuna is made without mayonnaise (as far as I can tell).

Naturally I’ve been sharing ideas with other cardiac patients.  I have found that many have not suffered heart attacks as I did but we’re alerted by symptoms or by their physician during an annual exam.  Sadly, not my fate.  My heart is damaged and I am doing all I can to rehabilitate it.

I am up between 530a and 6a daily — this allows me to call over to east coast clients for Informedika.  I tend to tire out around 4p — this is vastly improved from a month ago when I was napping all afternoon.

My next ECHO is mid-July; I am hoping for 50% or higher.  Perhaps my drug regimen can be modified at that time, as well.


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