A Few Facts on Fusion-io Customers

Posted: 01/25/2012


At Fusion-io we view every customer as a partnership—we are successful when our customers are successful. Consequently, we continually gather information and put it to work to help us better serve our rapidly growing customer base. We thought we’d take some time to share some interesting results from some of our research:

  • Roughly 33% of Fusion-io customers are willing to be a resource in educating future customers in Fusion’s products and services, so don’t hesitate to ask us for a reference!
  • Over two-thirds of our customers are database users, including Microsoft SQL, SAP, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, and more.
  • A growing number of customers are utilizing Fusion-io in their virtual environments, including both server virtualization and VDI.
  • 70% of our customers buy at least two ioDrives with each purchase, with close to 20% buying four at a time.

Interesting in learning more about Fusion-io enterprise storage? You can read our case studies, check out the latest news, or jump straight to our product page.

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