Queplix @ DreamForce This Week: Booth 43

Queplix™ is a leader in data integration and data management. QueCloud enables customers to securely integrate Salesforce.com with other cloud and on-premise applications with speed, simplicity and automation. Uniquely, no programming or SQL is required.

  • Integrate Salesforce with any other application, data, or ERP software
  • Use QueCloud to integrate in the cloud or Virtual Data Manager for on-premise integration
  • Turn key delivery, all Professional Services for integration and data quality can be included

Queplix® is a data integration and data management company.

Our advanced data virtualization technology enables companies to securely integrate, deploy and manage cloud and on-premise legacy applications and data with speed, simplicity and automation. We integrate data between systems as diverse as SAP®, PeopleSoft®, Salesforce®, NetSuite®, Facebook®, Cassandra® and more and support the deployment of business intelligence, data warehousing and virtual master data management. We do all of this without requiring the use of any SQL. Relational, object, XML, NoSQL data sources – it doesn’t matter. Do it all without SQL.

Short term we’ll substantially reduce your data integration expense, reduce risk and speed project implementation. In the long term, you have gathered the strategic benefits of true data mobility. You have unlocked your data from proprietary applications and enabled your organization to deploy new applications faster and better than your competitors.

Please go to our website for pricing and instant access to case study video on salesforce inplementations.


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