Application Software Blade™ for Oracle® E-Business Suite 12.1

The Automated Approach to Data Integration

See The Video – Integrate Oracle E-Business Suite With Anything

Queplix® has created a highly automated, fast and easy approach for integrating Oracle® E-Business Suite with other on-premise and cloud based applications.  Queplix Application Software Blades leverage the power of advanced data virtualization to lower your total cost of ownership, speed implementation and lower risk.  The system is designed for a business user – you don’t need to be an SQL programmer.  Absolutely no SQL is required. Once data is integrated it remains easily accessible, providing you have requisite security, to any number of additional applications. Our Application Software Blades provide complete connectivity, data flow, security, and automation for the integration process – check boxes, configure and go.

Supported Capability for Oracle® E-Business Suite 12.1

There are eleven Oracle® Applications that can be integrated using our Application Software Blades.  These include:

  • Oracle® Marketing and Sales Application
  • Oracle® Channel Revenue Management Application
  • Oracle® Order Management Application
  • Oracle® Logistics Application
  • Oracle® Procurement Application
  • Oracle® Manufacturing Application
  • Oracle® Service Application
  • Oracle® Projects Application
  • Oracle® Financials Application
  • Oracle® Human Resources Application
  • Oracle® Agile® Application – see our separate webpage on our Application Software Blade for Agile®

Data and Application Migration

Queplix Virtual Data Manager or QueCloud can use these Application Software Blades to enable data migration in any direction.  Our Virtual Migration Manager is part of every one of on-premise systems and standard in our QueCloud.  Virtual Migration Manager is highly automated, fast and easy to deploy.  Find out why consultants and software professionals worldwide use Virtual Migration Manager to move data out of legacy systems and into new applications.

Build Your Data Warehouse

Queplix Virtual Data Manager or QueCloud can use these Application Software Blades to help you build out your Data Warehouse much faster than using legacy toolsets like ETL or EII.  Your return on investment for using the power of advanced data virtualization will save 75% or more of your time and efforts to merge various data sets into your Data Warehouse.

Download the Application Software Blade for Oracle® datasheet and learn more.

Learn more about Oracle® E-Business Suite.

Our professional services team can help you with any implementation – reduce your expense by 75% or more.

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