Insinkerator SST Update

I really like our Insinkerator instant hot water and cold-filtered water device.  It sits on the counter behind the sink — really looks nice, too.   So convenient for making a cup of tea — we seem to drink a lot of tea here.  The other day I noticed some sputtering on the hot side — the cold was just fine.  My wife noticed it, too.  I was travelling and so I finally got under the sink this morning — BLECHH.  There was about a gallon of water in the cabinet — lots of cardboard boxes you might find under any sink now turned groady from sitting in water for a couple of days.

The reason we didn’t notice right away:  we had a small drawer built into the cabinet so we wouldn’t have to bend/reach so much to get to the rear of the cabinet — it held the water quite nicely.

So I call Insikerator and I learn that the device has no user serviceable parts and through some trouble-shooting with the lady on the telephone was able to localize the problem to the SST unit only — the part that makes the water hot.

So I run over to Lowe’s to buy the replacement part — BANG ZOOM!  You cannot buy this part.  You can only buy another kit.  But wait:  I only need the tank, I don’t need anything else.  Tough Luck.  So I’m in Lowe’s and I call back — sure enough, this is the way it is.

So I find the cheapest kit and toss the spigot part — does anybody want one?  YEESH!



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