Analysis of Data Integration Technologies — A New Whitepaper

Rapid technology change and innovation is an expected component of modern life. This is self-evident today with the feverish pace of development within such sub markets as
smart phones and tablets. It is interesting to note, however, that some technology areas experience a perception within the public mind (and within target business customers
specifically) of having achieved a “plateau of maturity”which neither requires nor offers opportunity for continued innovation.

Perhaps surprisingly, one such area is within data integration
technologies. The reasons why this is surprising include
the fact that the necessity for data integration continually
presents itself for customers and enterprises of all types and
sizes as well as the fact that due to a plethora of platforms
and systems which are in use today (both old and new), this
area’s complexity increases constantly.

As Gartner stated in their 2010 “Magic Quadrant for Data
Integration Tools” report: “Market conditions favor offerings
with low costs and rapid time to value, but buyers that see
data integration as strategic also seek rich capabilities to fuel
their information infrastructure.

Complete Whitepaper Here:

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