Data Virtualization Meets ETL

Queplix Wednesday put a couple of tools on the market that are supposed to make it easier, quicker and cheaper to move data to the cloud.

Its new VirtualETL and CloudETL lines bring data virtualization to usually thorny extract, transform and load (ETL) tasks and are supposed to cut the time required to connect applications a good 75% compared to traditional ETL methodologies.

Queplix CEO Mark Cashman says using data virtualization for ETL “changes everything; ETL teams can mix any combination of relational, object, cloud or XML-based applications. And they don’t need to use SQL to set up connectivity, define the transforms, tune data quality or get the integration into production. We’ve essentially turned the cost model upside down, lowering product costs and dramatically reducing set-up costs.”


The widgetry, which requires no coding, lets users configure Queplix’ Application Software Blades to automatically connect to target applications like, Netsuite, Taleo, PeopleSoft, Siebel and SAP ERP.

The VirtualETL family includes enterprise-class VirtualETL, which connects any two enterprise applications together, and professional-class VirtualETL, which lets users connect any two applications that use RDBMS systems.

With CloudETL, users can connect any two cloud-based applications or connect a cloud-based application with one that’s not cloud-based.

Pricing ranges from $9,999-$19,999. There are monthly pricing models available to fit cloud and SaaS deployment budgets.

The company says the stuff provides an easily audited view of the entire transform lineage.


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