Attend This Week’s Event: Data Integration Technologies, Architectures and Differentiation

PRE-REGISTRATION: Friday Feb 4, 2011 – 10 am PST / 1 pm EST.  Data Integration Technologies, Architectures and Differentiation.

INSTANT DOOR REGISTRATION: not available at this time – please pre-register

EVENT NUMBER: not available at this time

PASSWORD: not available at this time

* A great primer for IT and Business Executives on the melee of integration technologies.  Make sense of it all. Learn about data integration technologies a business user can use immediately WITHOUT SQL.
* Learn about Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Enterprise Information Integration (EII) often referred to as Cloud Integration and Basic Data Virtualization.
* Learn about Advanced Data Virtualization and how it can Power Data Integration, Master Data Alignment and more.  Understand Transactional verses Non-Transactional environments.
* Understand how these architectures fit product, customer, vendor, securities, life sciences and other application driven considerations.

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