Queplix Application Software Blade™ for Facebook® and LinkedIn®

Your business has made a decision to integrate social media data about your company, your vendors and your customers from sources around the world.  You need to integrate Facebook® with your existing marketing and customer relationship management systems.  Your executives are very concerned about how your company is perceived in the market and they want access to this social media data at light-speed.  This data will add significant value to your sales and marketing teams and their selling efforts.  It is absolutely essential to your business that you can synchronize this data into your key existing business applications.  What can you do?

The Automated Approach to Integration

Queplix™ has created a highly automated, fast and easy approach for integrating Facebook® with other on-premise and cloud based applications.  The system is designed for a business user – you don’t need to be an SQL programmer.   Once data is integrated it remains easily accessible, providing you have requisite security, to any number of additional applications.  How is this possible?  Queplix™ Virtual Data Manager™ is based on a persistent metadata server architecture – a new and powerful type of software infrastructure.  We take all the applications, whether object or relational and build out a set of object oriented metadata.  This object architecture gives us tremendous flexibility and scalability. Our server is persistent – each application is virtualized once and only once.  We wrap this in high level workflow and a security model that uses all of your existing security model for users and groups.  You will never again need to use cumbersome wire diagrams to connect small pictures of relational tables, draw lines or use cumbersome and complex templates.

Connect FaceBook® Everywhere

Facebook® is one of the leading social media applications in the world.  Queplix makes it easy and fast to deploy and integrate Facebook® data with any of your existing cloud and on-premise software applications.

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