What is absolutely compelling and unique about Queplix? Why is your product a “must have” for my company?

Queplix advanced data virtualization products uniquely present a complete continuum between any single data integration within your organization through the implementation of master data alignment and management.  It is one continuum.  Everything can work together.  Any single integration using Virtual Data Manager can integrate with other instances of Virtual Data Manager easily.

There is absolutely nothing like this in the world of data integration.  Other vendors offer a broad product line of disconnected, disparate point solutions.  Only Queplix offers a one continuum of solution that flows from a basic integration and builds a complete strategy for master data alignment and management.

Our Virtual Data Managers can network into a line of business, regional country or worldwide strategy for the alignment of master data.  Any master data element in a region can flow into the master data element set for a country.  Any local master data alignment for regional catalogs can flow immediately into a larger strategy on a global basis.  So you can integrate two applications in your customer support organization today and all of that is part of the flow and alignment for your master data management project tomorrow.  Yet, it doesn’t have to be part of the master data alignment plan at the time of integration.

Our unique architecture makes this all possible.  This is 100% unique to Queplix and provides substantial advantage to our customers and partners.  The power of the persistent metadata server has emerged and presents a massive and disruptive change to the status quo and it will provide our customers huge cost savings, speed to implementation and competitive advantage.

Talk to us about a data integration pilot.  Talk to us about a Virtual Master Data Management pilot.  Learn about how this can work for you.


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