Queplix Update: CRM and Data Integration

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 18, 2010 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Queplix™ Corp., a leader in data virtualization, will host a free webinar titled Improve Customer Service and Increase Customer Retention on October 20, 2010 at 10 a.m. pacific daylight time. Featuring The 451 Group research director Sean Hackett and Michael Zuckerman, chief marketing officer of Queplix, the webinar will address how organizations can empower their support teams with the integrated customer relationship management (CRM) systems they need to resolve customer issues faster and better, improve quality of service, increase customer retention, and lower costs.

“With CRM increasingly moving to the cloud, organizations face a new set of requirements that demand rapid integration of their on-premise customer support systems with cloud-based systems such as Salesforce®,” said Sean Hackett, Research Director, The 451 Group. “Next generation data virtualization technologies can enable this much needed rapid integration, while helping customers achieve the return on investment they seek from better customer service and increased customer retention.”

The October 20th webinar is part of a series presented by Queplix that expands on the advantages of new data virtualization technology and how it can increase business value in areas such as CRM. To register for the Queplix webinar, visit: Improve Customer Service and Increase Customer Retention.

For more about next generation data virtualization technology, download a free white paper at: The Power of Data Virtualization: Changing the Face of Data Integration and Data Management.

About Sean Hackett, The 451 Group

Sean Hackett has more than a decade of experience as an IT industry analyst and consultant. Throughout his career, he has closely tracked the evolution of the IT services industry. Prior to The 451 Group, Hackett worked in CA Inc’s Corporate Planning and Strategy organization as a Senior Principal. In this role, he supported the company’s executive leadership team and board of directors in identifying and investigating new strategic opportunities.

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