Queplix Webinar: Data Integration for CRM: Get the 360 View

QVDM Architecture:  The Disruptive Advantage

In the Queplix vision of data virtualization we abstract applications and data sources from one another by constructing a virtual metadata directory for all of the data sources. Even relational data is represented with an object oriented view. This greatly enhances application and data integration and ongoing data management. Queplix packages this as a persistent software infrastructure in a server, wraps this in automation and adds our special capabilities for data management through Data Harmonization™. We have all the information about the data but we do not store the data – only objects which contain the metadata. We create a global entity to provide extension to applications such as business intelligence or to set the “record of truth” for Data Harmonization™. This uniquely creates an extensible, highly scalable 1:Many data relationship between the global entity and all of the data sources being integrated. We can do this easily and quickly because core of the Queplix Virtual Data Manager™ is a virtual object metadata directory – not middleware.

Register for October 20 Webinar – Integrate my CRM Applications and Data to Improve Customer Retention and Quality of Service

Register for this webinar with guest Cloud Research Director Sean Hackett from the independent IT analyst firm The 451 Group as he shares practical guidance on the benefits and challenges of integrating various CRM architectures and introduces the next important wave to change for customer service – data virtualization.

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