Improve Customer Service & Increase Customer Retention

Get SalesForce™, Siebel™, PeopleSoft™ and SAP™ Applications and Data Working Together

Give your customer support teams the integrated CRM systems they need to improve quality of service, increase customer retention and resolve open issues quicker and at lower costs.

  • Learn about ways to rapidly achieve single consistent view to your customer data and how it can be easily achieved across these different systems easily and automatically for your customer service, sales and marketing team.
  • Learn about easy and fast solutions for cloud integration with your on-premise systems so that CRM all works together to service sales, marketing, customer support and Your Customer better. 
  • Learn how to integrate these applications and their data in just a few hours and then automatically maintain synchronization between the various data sources going forward.
  • Show me the Money!  Learn how you can save a lot of money by spending so little.  New solutions bring strong savings so important in this tough economy. 
  • See the Demo!  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Register <CLICK HERE> for this webinar with guest Cloud Research Director Sean Hackett from the independent IT analyst firm The 451 Group as he shares practical guidance on the benefits and challenges of integrating various CRM architectures and introduces the next important wave to change everything for customer service  – data virtualization.

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