The Era of Application-Based Storage Begins Today


This emerging category of Intelligent Application Storage is predicated on storage solutions that enable business applications to manage, scale and seize control of IT environments and deliver unprecedented performance, efficiency, reliability and business agility. Xiotech has broken through in this area with our Intelligent Application Storage architecture, which is built upon three central pillars:

· Application-based, scale-out storage building blocks – This is our Intelligent Storage Element (ISE), which brings industry-leading performance, scalability and reliability to the table

· An application-centric management platform – This is our ICON Manager user interface, which provides single-console provisioning and management of physical and virtual storage

· An integrated application/storage API – This will enable multiple ISE to be treated as one, unlocking infinite system scalability and full application/OS/hypervisor/storage integration and interoperability

This architecture is the product of several years of work from our entire company, yet it’s just the beginning for Intelligent Application Storage. This is why I’m so excited to be here at Xiotech – we have the technology, vision and team to lead the industry forward into this new age where storage adds more value to IT environments than ever before and consumers are the big winners. Please continue to check back here for more on this story in the weeks and months to come.

If you’d like to read more about Intelligent Application Storage, please click here:

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