Xiotech Launches Fellows Program, Names Inaugural Class


Yesterday we launched our Xiotech Fellows program and named our inaugural class of Fellows. As President and CEO Alan Atkinson said, “We at Xiotech are blessed to have an incredibly deep roster of storage ‘rock stars’ who have a collective body of accomplishments and patents that rivals anyone else in the industry.”

Our Fellows are:

•Richard Lary, Corporate Fellow – With 40 years of industry experience and 32 patents, Lary’s legendary influence spans from the creation of VAX and the Digital Storage Architecture at DEC to having been a vital consultant to many corporations.

•Rob Peglar, Senior Fellow – With 32 years of experience, Peglar is one of the industry’s most seasoned and recognized experts on a host of storage topics and the current treasurer of SNIA.

•Ken Bates, Fellow – With 35 years of experience, Bates is a performance guru and was a guiding force in the development of the gold standard in performance testing – the SPC benchmark.

•Todd Burkey, Fellow – With 33 years of experience, Burkey has helped to drive key Xiotech innovations for its industry leading reliability around predictive monitoring, telemetry automation and failure management.

•Clark Lubbers, Fellow – With 35 years and 56 patents pending or granted, Lubbers was an early and influential force in virtualization, performance and RAID architectures.

•Bill Pagano, Fellow – With 35 years of experience, Pagano was the lead hardware designer of the company’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE™) technology and holds five patents for his hardware work.
For more information, please visit: http://xiotech.com/press-release.php?id=174.

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