Wikibon Report Card — How are we doing?

From Novmember 10th 2009:

Wikibon’s Take

We see five main priorities facing Xiotech, including:

1) Channel. Xiotech has flip-flopped on the channel several times and now that the channel is performing well for the company, Xiotech needs to provide consistent support.

2) Enterprise. Xiotech needs to grow beyond SMB and secure a number of large reference accounts for its products. Atkinson will use his connections in the customer base to open doors but Xiotech needs to demonstrate it can successfully service large enterprises.

3) OEM. Xiotech needs to secure some OEM’s. Its product is well-suited for the OEM market because it’s rock solid and performs well. An OEM strategy will take time to develop but could pay dividends in 2012 and beyond.

4) Focus. Xiotech was one of the first companies to market with virtual disks, virtual ports and virtual controller groups but it never really caught the ‘Tier 1.5’ wave as did players such as Compellent, 3PAR and Lefthand. Xiotech needs to carve out a niche of its own by articulating the value of its controller-less vision and demonstrating superior cost, performance, ease-of-use and reliability to customers.

5) Buzz. Xiotech still needs to do a better job marketing its product and developing a new brand to change its image. Atkinson is capable of doing this because of who he is, who he can attract and the way he’ll market Xiotech’s experts.

How’re we doing so far?

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