Xiotech Fuels the “Apple Effect” in New Consumer Media Development, Delivery and Consumption Models


Single Xiotech ISE Unit Can Simultaneously Power 750 DVD Quality Video Streams, 25,000 mp3s or 4 Studio-class Movie Editing Projects

BD EVENT, PALO ALTO, CALIF. – January 27, 2010 – In the wake of Apple’s latest computing revolution, Xiotech Corporation, a leader in intelligent application-oriented storage solutions, today announced that its patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE™) technology has unlocked significant new capabilities in video and audio editing and production, in support of high-compute environments within Macintosh computers from Apple Computer, Inc.
Users are now able to do the following from a single ISE unit:

  • Support the equivalent of operating every movie theater screen in the state of Colorado at the same time from a single storage element.  ISE can drive 750 simultaneous DVD-quality video-on-demand streams without losing a single frame, according to SPC-2 testing [1].  
  • Play up to 25,000 mp3 files at the same time.
  • Run four professional video editing projects simultaneously from the same console with no frame drops.
  • Move a Mac operating system to ISE and boot from it, which provides a substantial boost in platform performance and reliability.  

Regardless of application, ISE technology enables maximum performance, linear scalability and dynamic flexibility.  ISE technology’s consistent, sustained performance allows significant load levels to run smoothly whereas other storage back-ends or processors would bog down. In all of the above situations, ISE performed at unprecedented levels without dropping a single frame or piece of audio.  ISE technology also features self-healing characteristics, allowing drives to essentially heal themselves in place and significantly minimize the number of service events in an environment. All ISE platforms are supported by the industry’s only five-year hardware warranty.
“The newly announced Apple iPad is just the latest example of the dramatic changes taking place in the production of consumer media,” said Alan Atkinson, president and CEO of Xiotech.  “These ISE-driven video and audio production capabilities truly unlock the potential of devices like the iPad. These same characteristics also make ISE technology the ideal storage play in solving any number of pain points in today’s data centers, from relieving performance bottlenecks and lowering high total cost of ownership to implementing newer initiatives such as virtualization and cloud.”

Explosive data growth has outstripped the legacy storage infrastructure, requiring costly overprovisioning of resources to overcome a significant performance bottleneck. Offering a fresh approach to this well-entrenched business reality, ISE technology delivers the industry’s highest-performing and most reliable application-oriented data storage. ISE units enable 100 percent usable storage capacity, while maintaining optimal performance as drives approach full utilization. Notably, due to efficiencies inherent in ISE technology, Xiotech allows organizations to scale their storage infrastructures with unprecedented flexibility and cost effectiveness.

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