Xiotech CEO Alan Atkinson: ISE IS DISRUPTIVE

reprinted from SearchStorage.com interview

ISE is the center of what we’re going to be doing. You’re not going to see us go out and do something that’s totally different from that. ISE is a platform that’s got a lot of room to run and a lot of things can be done with that. One of the chief reasons for coming here was looking at what that product offers and what that architecture does. On the product side, the answer is, no, you’re going to see a lot of iterations and enhancing and making that more robust in terms of functionality and those type of things, density and all the usual—price points, those types of enhancements.

As far as markets go, what I would say is you’ll see us continue to focus on where we are, but you’re also going to see us make more noise in the enterprise space, and grow those markets out. It’s more of what we’re doing but also trying to get a little more awareness with some of the big guys out there, and we’ll also be knocking on a lot of the OEM doors.

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