What is going on at Xiotech???

New CEO…New Logo…New New New…

( xio…who??)

I’m the new kid on the block at Xiotech and I’ll be covering northern California just like when I was at Fusion-io.  I’m gratified that so many of you have reached out to me based on my blog and LinkedIn updates — thank you all very much!  Special thanks to my former clients who want to learn more about Xiotech — I’ll be back next week and get on your calendars.

For those of you who haven’t kept up, the story so far is that I completed technical training and am now at our national sales kickoff.  The quality of the content is only exceeded by the amazing depth I see in our people:  eStaff,  Operations, Engineering, Marketing, and — of course — Sales.  I imagine this is what it must have been like at EMC back in the day…so much IP…so much enthusiasm…so much commitment to supporting our clients and prospects.

Richard Scannell, co-founder of Glasshouse, was one of the featured speakers today — amazing to listen to his take on how Xiotech ISE captures the essence of application-centric storage.  We also spent some time with Ed Glassmeyer – founding General Partner of Oak Investment Partners.  Ed is on our board of directors — learn more about his amazing story on our website here:  http://www.xiotech.com/management.php

And speaking of people:  did you see the new website?  The home page features a rotation of our rockstar technical lineup — I won’t pull the list together here for fear of leaving someone out — but check it ou at:  www.xiotech.com and keep refreshing the home page!

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