IBM Moves Away from Fusion-io?

From a lengthy post on the YAHOO FINANCE STEC board:

Sorry, his name is spelled Barry Whyte. There are lots of things he’s written or referenced in:,10000…

The new release of SVC exchanges the IOdrive for a 2.5-inch serial-attached SCSI (SAS) solid-state drive from Stec, called ZeusIOPS. EMC uses this drive in its Symmetrix storage arrays, which began supporting solid-state drives early last year.

With ZeusIOPS, the controller delivers up to 800,000 operations per second, with response times of about one millisecond, according to IBM. This figure is double the throughput available with the previous version of SVC.

While the Stec solid-state drive’s rate is lower than the one million operations per second achieved with the IOdrive, IBM said it found the ZeusIOPS easier to service.

“There were various reasons for switching from FusionIO to Stec, the most obvious is that a hot-pluggable drive is much easier to service than an internal PCIe adapter,” wrote Barry Whyte, an engineer with IBM’s Hursley-based systems and technology group, in a blog post on Tuesday.

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