Precise Software Tools for Measuring SSD Performance

Finally, a third-party tool for understanding how SSDs impact performance:  Precise for Storage  (the rest of this is boilerplate).

The Precise Approach

IT has monitors for everything, but the fact is you can’t solve problems by watching them more intensely.  Traditional approaches to Application Performance Management focus on technology silo monitoring and alerting for infrastructure problems, with no linkage to business impact.  Problems still arise.  Business is still impacted.  The application performance problem is still unsolved.

Customers experience applications one transaction at a time.  Ensuring the performance of each and every transaction requires a fresh perspective in application performance management that moves beyond the silo-based approaches of the past.

For many critical applications, retrieving data from storage subsystems represents the largest percentage of transaction response time. Unfortunately, understanding the role that storage plays in performance degradation is notoriously difficult to assess.

Speed at any price? Provisioning storage for applications is complex and expensive. Enterprise efforts to push non-essential data into less responsive and less expensive storage components (eg, SATA) has recently been supplanted by their desire to push critical data onto faster, “solid state” Flash drives.

Enterprise Flash Devices (EFDs) are more expensive then regular storage devices, so measures must be taken to ensure that only the most critical data is migrated to this new, “Tier 0” storage.

Mapping highest-value data to highest-performance storagePrecise for Storage gives IT the visbility they need into the storage dependencies of their highest-value business transactions.

When performance problems occur, this visibility enables them to determine exactly which storage device is at fault.  This also provides them with the knowledge they need to determine what information should be migrated to Tier 0 EFDs.

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