ioXtreme for TOXIK and other Single-Threaded Apps

Fusion-io products support for Windows is all about superior performance for single-threaded applications in the rendering space.  Autodesk products like Toxik, AutoCAD, and Inventor will load faster but more importantly, they will render orders of magnitude faster than disk-based files.

Who will benefit:  film compositors, editors, and media artists doing editing and point-cached work. “The ioXtreme gives any compositing artist the speed he needs for unconstrained creativity. It revolutionizes the production pipeline and removes the biggest bottleneck currently plaguing the digital artist,” said Vincent Brisebois, Autodesk Toxik Product Designer. The ioXtreme and ioXtreme Pro dramatically improves multi-threaded media applications’ compositing and playback times at much lower upfront and operational costs than other high performance workstation solutions.

By greatly reducing processing times for editing large files or working with 3D scene layouts from point-cached files, we allow artists to review their work in full quality and in real time. This allows them to stay focused, making them more productive and facilitating their creativity.

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