Storage Visions 2010 Update: Fusion-io CTO Speaking on SSD


From the Data Center to the Workstation: The Increasing Influence of Solid State Technologies on the Enterprise presented by David Flynn, CTO and Co-founder, Fusion-io

Application-centric, solid state technologies are increasingly being used to supplement or replace large, costly storage arrays in data centers because of their low cost, reliability and the performance increases and substantial reductions in TCO that the technologies offer. While these technologies are taking root at the server level, a bottom-up approach to their use is now emerging at the enterprise workstation. Building on the increasing trend toward solid state storage in both consumer products and at the enterprise level, new solutions are offering workstation acceleration rates comparable to those offered now in the data center. These solid state solutions for workstations exponentially accelerate input and output, including file access, and improve application performance dramatically.

These technologies are plugged into the PCI Express slot of workstation PCs and are transforming the work of content developers, media editors, CAD/CAM designers or anyone who needs access to near-memory storage speed.

David Flynn, CTO of Fusion-io, will discuss how these technologies are being deployed and the performance increases users are seeing in a number of different verticals where application acceleration radically increases productivity at the workstation level and will ultimately change the way software is designed and developed.

As CTO of Fusion-io, and one of the company’s founders, David Flynn is the visionary behind Fusion-io’s innovative technology. Mr. Flynn is responsible for providing business-focused oversight of the company’s research and development efforts, as well as driving the company’s short- and long-term technological direction. Mr. Flynn has a history of successfully architecting complex computer-related solutions, including some of the world’s largest and fastest supercomputers and the world’s smallest personal Linux servers; embedded Web 2.0 interactive TV; image processing; relational databases; file systems; and thin-client computing products.

Prior to joining Fusion-io, Mr. Flynn served as Project BlackDog’s chief scientist and vice president, engineering. He has also held positions at Linux Networx and Network Computer Incorporated (NCI), a spin-off of Oracle Corporation.
Mr. Flynn holds a B.S. in Computer Science and serves on the Technology Advisory Boards for the College of Information Technology at Brigham Young University and Techniscan Medical Systems.

Mr. Flynn embraced technology at an early age. While attending Brigham Young University, Flynn created 3D-GIS (graphics information systems) for noise control at Boston Logan International and Salt Lake International airports as technical lead at Larson Davis Laboratories. At 16, he designed and authored 3D flight simulation and image processing software for the Department of Defense, while working for Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Prior to that, he created and marketed flight-planning software for general aviation pilots.

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