Gartner 28th Annual Data Center Conference: SSD TRACK

Here are the two most important sessions for you to learn more about SSD in the data center at the upcoming Gartner Conference:

1) Fusion-io: Fusion-io Helps MySpace Slash Server Footprint by 60%, Saving Space, Power, and Maintenance

Speaker is David Flynn, Co-Founder, President, and CTO of Fusion-io. Topics inlcude increased performance, server footprint, and rackspace/power reductions. nb: I’ve seen David speak numerous times — he is compelling so try not to miss this session.

2)  SSD – Super Strategies for Deployment

General Session with Stanley Zaffos.  Zaffos is a vice president and research director in Gartner Research. His major areas of responsibility include storage and storage management software.  A flurry of SSD-related product announcements coupled with rapid SSD price declines and a limited understanding of the operational issues surrounding the use of SSDs in complex server environments has created uncertainty about how best to deploy storage systems that incorporate SSDs in user environments. Understanding the following key issues will increase the probability of their effective use in your environment.  Topics include:

  • How will SSD technology continue to evolve?
  • How will storage system architectures evolve to make efficient use of SSD technologies?
  • What impact will SSD technology have on future storage costs and support requirements?
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