Streaming Media Update

I just noticed that the connection to the Xbox36o is being resurrected for the holidays and it reminds me to share some ideas about internet radio.

I have had a subscription to RADIOIO for more than 5 years.  They recently re-crafted their website and options which now include 192k audio.  I have to say I am very pleased with RADIOIO as a non-commercial music stream.  The differentiator for RADIOIO:  they use stream hosts:  real DJ’s who program the streams and also have blogs on the website.  The result feels personal. is more like a social net for music — “if you like this, you may like this”  kind of thing.  Plus they are part of CBSi so there is a huge focus on monetizing the content.  There’s something a little off about in my view but I really like the event listings page.

Iceberg Radio is a hoot.  100s of streams in every imaginable combination from some whacky folks in Canada.  They like their rogue-y approach and I do, as well. has some great channels — BOMBAY BEATS is one of my favorites.  Too many CIALIS commercials.

Finally, a quick plug for RADIO NIGEL in San Diego.  Radio Nigel picks up where 91x left off 20 years ago.  If you are looking for a true 80s timewarp, you will love Nigel.  You may also enjoy NEWWAVECITY — monthly 80s dance party with DJs SHINDOG and SKIP.


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