New York Times Expands Bay Area Coverage

I still get up early just to read a newspaper and I think the New York Times understands that.

I was just scanning today’s New York Times.  On Friday and Sunday there are two pages dedicated to the Bay Area.  This is up from one page.  It seems like The Times is looking for deeper penetration here.  I know, for example, that the NYT publishes a National Edition printed in California but I was surprised to find they also sponsor a Bay Area Blog:



Here is part of the press release from October:

  • The Bay Area pages initially will be written and edited by New York Times journalists and contributors and will include enterprising coverage of local concerns, focusing on public affairs, culture and lifestyles in San Francisco, the Silicon Valley, the East Bay and the region. The pages will expand on the work of The Times’s 10-person San Francisco news bureau and its already extensive coverage of the Bay Area.
  • A longer-term objective of this initiative is to work with local journalists and news organizations in a collaborative way, first in the Bay Area and then in other major markets around the country. The Times is in discussions with news organizations in the Bay Area about supplying journalism for these pages.
  • “At a time when so many news organizations are in a forced retreat, it’s exciting to be part of a venture that has set out to build more and better news coverage,” said Bill Keller, executive editor of The Times. “And as someone who grew up in the Bay Area, I’m proud that we can play a role in enriching the quality of reporting about the region.”
  • Felicity Barringer, a long-time reporter and editor for The Times, will edit the pages. Daniel Weintraub, who has covered California politics and public affairs for more than two decades, including for the past nine years as the public affairs columnist for the Sacramento Bee, will write a politics column. Scott James, a journalist and novelist who has written about Bay Area life for the past 10 years and is the founder of San Francisco’s SoMa Literary Review, will write a local column.

In other news, I have to say that I read The Examiner once in while, too — I like it — very localized.   Secret Vice:  Nob Hill Gazette!  Such an anachronism considering our multi-cultural city and the current economy.  I appreciate the coverage of the local philanthropy scene as well as the high production values.  Comments welcome…

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