Keeping Momentum In Your Job Search: PART VIII

Try Something Different

The saying goes “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Has your job search looked the same for the whole time you’ve been doing it? You send resumes by email. You check job boards & apply to jobs. You email recruiters to ask if there’s anything new. Are you going to new networking events? Are you doing volunteer work? Are you reading the trade rags and then making calls to people about the deals they’ve done? Are you teaching something or writing about it? Diversify your skills, your network and revive your passion about something so it can rub off on your job search. Don’t be like Sisyphus rolling the same stone up the same hill day after day, it robs you of your enthusiasm which is critical to your success.

Thanks again to Denise Palmieri from Pinnacle Group International

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