Keeping Momentum In Your Job Search: PART VII

Anticipate Rejection and Use it to Assess Your Skills

I make lots of calls each day where I learn that the firm isn’t yet ready to engage a recruiter, or they’ve decided to recruit on their own, or they’ve engaged another recruiter. It’s ok. While I’d rather that every call or meeting turned into a new search assignment, I’m realistic and I don’t take rejection personally. But, I do ask for candid feedback from each person I interact with about how I can improve what I’m doing. I’m also realistic that not everyone is comfortable giving candid feedback, so each day I compile a list of things I’ve learned, guessed are a problem or I may need to mull over to improve my success. At the end of the week, I review it to see any commonalities, places I can improve or ways to alter what I’m looking for. I ask myself a 3 part question at the end of each week and I write out the answers: What did I do well this week? (Hint: do more of that next week!) What could I have done better this week? What did I waste time on? Find a way to NOT do that next week when you’re making your plan.

Likewise, you should be undertaking a regular review of your skills (including your personality, interests and values), how they fit for each firm you are approaching and whether you should be broadening the type of opportunities (or industries) where your skills could apply. This process of refining your understanding of how you “fit” or if you don’t is critical to your success. There are lots of skills assessment tools on the web or in books, make sure you’re regularly setting aside time to think about how you can use what you know in a different industry or position.

Thanks again to Denise Palmieri from Pinnacle Group International

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