Keeping Momentum In Your Job Search: PART VI

Reward Yourself

I once ate an entire 1lb bag of Oreos in a single day. For those of you who know I’m a health food nut, that seems impossible. But, I was avoiding a brief I needed to write for an important case. So I rewarded myself with 2 Oreos every time I finished one section of the document. It was a small token, but I wouldn’t eat the cookies until I achieved that goal. By halfway through the bag, it might have been the sugar buzz that helped me finish the brief, who knows! Find what works for you, break your daily plan into manageable pieces and then when you’ve reached that goal (10 calls, 15 emails, whatever) go for a run, watch American Idol you taped last night, whatever works, then get back in the saddle and get through your plan.

Thanks again to Denise Palmieri from Pinnacle Group International

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