Keeping Momentum In Your Job Search PART IV

Minimize Distractions and Plan Breaks

When I was in law school, I had the cleanest bathroom because I wanted to do anything but study and everything else interested me. Frequently I work from a hotel room when I’m on the road or from home, so I know how easy it is to get distracted and how much discipline it takes to stay focused. I learned that doing the hardest thing first each day was the best way to get traction. Now, no matter where I’m working, I start with a cup of tea on my desk and I do not leave my desk until I’ve made 10 calls. No refills, bathroom breaks, web surfing. I get to business and get my first 10 calls done. Then I have a break — check my email and voicemail messages, get some more tea, etc. And, I limit my break to 15 minutes — then back on the phone for 10 more calls. That way, by lunch time, I’m well along to getting all my calls done and have the afternoon for returning calls, sending emails, researching and planning for the next day.

Thanks again to Denise Palmieri from Pinnacle Group International

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