Semi-Annual Trip to LIMN


We parked in the lot behind the Creamery (4th and Townsend — where they used to make those little restaurant squares of butter from giant cubes of butter — I loved the clickety-clack of the equipment which ran weekdays from about 4am to 10am) and went to the LIMN GALLERY where Christine Duval has been for 10 years now.  The space is light-filled and totally accessible to novice art admirers.  Christine knows ART and she is very approachable:  RECOMMENDED.

Across the courtyard is the rear entrance to LIMN.  I used to live in the Heublein Bldg (601 4th Street) many moons ago and Limn was always fun to tour.  If you haven’t been recently — HOLD ONTO YOUR HAT (and wallet)!  Every room — and there are dozens it seems — is loaded with incredible lighting, accents, accessories, and furniture.  Yes you still get to see B&B Italia and the Ligne Roset items — and Yes all the classics are here, as well.

However, dig deeper and you will find amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces at great values (and some that will blow the doors off your hedge fund).

PS:  VICTORS is still on Townsend — best taqueria in SOMA.

PPS:  LA CORNETA is the best taqueria in Glen Park and that includes Diamond Heights, Noe, & West Portal — maybe in the entire city…but that’s another story…

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