Keeping Momentum In Your Job Search PART III

Work the Plan

Having a plan is important, working the plan is essential. I set time for each part of my plan (calls, in person meetings, emails, planning). When I’m on the road, those have only three parts — eg meetings and returning emails/calls and notes/planning. During each block of time, I work that part of my plan. For example, when I am scheduled to make calls — no matter what, I sit down at my desk and start making calls. I don’t spend time checking my email, I don’t get sidetracked reading industry blogs or surfing the web or gabbing with my co-workers. Nothing is more important than making the calls. I use calls as the most important piece to start with each day because most of us are phone phobic and would rather email or noodle around on the internet. Jump in and get it done. Some days, I set my plan to start with a “warm” call — someone I know will take my call and get me jump started on positive vibes. Then, I just keep moving down my list from call to call or task to task, until I’ve completed my plan for the day.

Thanks again to Denise Palmieri from Pinnacle Group International

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