Delight the Client: ME!

This morning I got a call from CONKLYN’S FLORIST in Virginia to remind me that last year I sent my mother flowers on her birthday.   Not an email — not a meeting notice — a good, old-fashioned telephone call.   Why is this surprising?   Think about it:  when was the last time someone actually called you to deliver great customer service?

Naturally all of my transaction data was in front of the florist so all I had to do was say YES.  The date is the same, the address is the same, the card is the same (mom won’t remember last year’s card), the credit card charged is the same, and the confirming email is the same.  (I did change the arrangement from FALL FLOWERS to an ORCHID).

I would have responded to an email, of course — but this was SO MUCH BETTER.  The transaction took exactly 60 seconds and we both won — Kudos to Conklyn’s for taking customer service all the way to DELIGHT.

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