Ranger Group LLC

Kurt Schmidt is the managing partner at Ranger Group. In a 60-second interview, he told me where he is taking the firm:

Kurt wants Ranger Gourp to deliver high quality technical services as well as “Fly and Fix” functions to drive revinue up and support calls down.

He is building a team of the best tactical support people that will allow the company that I work for to deploy new products rapidly.

Lately, they’ve been crafting out custom network architectures for end clients as well as designing and implementing lab, network and marketing solutions for customers operations.

Ranger Group has the depth and experience to design and deploy customer networks from scratch.

Specialties include: Wireless, Firewall, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Cisco, CentOS, FreeBSD, RHEL4/5, Fedora Core 6/8, Switching networks, Datacenter design, Product enhancement, Business Development.

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