Data ForeSight: A leading provider of Data Protection and Data Management Solutions

Suzanne Riddell is the founder of DataForeSight in Denver, Colorado. Suzanne is a recognized authority in data management and audit.

DFS is a leading provider of Data Protection and Data Management Solutions. We help organizations define and implement procedures especially around “data classification” and “data minimization”which automate retention policies for your Electronically Stored Information and proactively reduce your “data foot print” dramatically reducing your exposure and risk.

Data Classification -Scan your entire network including laptops and locate, classify and index all your unstructured data.

Protect Sensitive Data —Data that is discovered, and classified as sensitive will be automatically moved to secure storage where it will be in compliance with privacy and security.

Data Minimization – Take newly classified data with low value, duplications and past retention time and infrequently accessed files and delete them or send them in less expensive storage system. Drain the swamp and keep it drained automatically.

Comprehensive Security and Privacy Dashboard — Detailed summary and custom reports enable you to review documents in real time. Privacy and security reports can be sent to a centralized IT security team for further review. Continuously monitors your network and take automatic action.

Automated Risk Assessments and Audits –Run your own customized network scans with assessments based on file content, file attributes, user-defined metadata to look for privacy/security violations. Locate PCI, PII, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and Corporate Policy violations. Red Flag Files, Quarantine Files, Run Reports.

eDiscovery —Perform in house eDiscovery for legal as well as corporate investigations. Scan your network, including laptops, find relevant documents, move those documents to a secure server then place a legal hold on those documents.

Data Loss Prevention – Monitor all network traffic–all ports—all protocols—web surfing—blogging–public webmail etc. Detect sensitive information before it leaves your network. Set blocking/acceptable use policies. Security—-Privacy—-Protect Intellectual Property—Protect Information Regarding Mergers and Acquisitions.

DataForeSight works with large corporations to develop data retention processes that work and mitigate risk:

How to gain visibility to ESI for effective eDiscovery
Data Classification-how to build unique thumbprints on files
Development/refining of data retention policies
Incorporating data retention and security as part of a corporate culture
Reducing risk and exposure through appropriate information disposal
Development of a true data lifecycle data management process including ESI
Development of rules based retention activities
Developing information audit services

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