Some Thoughts About Managing an Online Persona

Thinking about your online brand, you want to coordinate your public-facing accounts at Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter as well as your own website, blog, podcasts, radio and TV, publisher site, public appearances, etc. Simply stated, the goal is to drive eyeballs to your blog, increase pageviews, get more search, drive more ads and monetize around the entire brand (not just the blog).

As an example, you may already know that many bloggers “seed” their sites with controversial responses that you can then reply to. See YARDBARKER, HUFFINGTON POST, and YOUTUBE for examples of this. Ultimately, you create more traffic, more pageviews, more adserves, more revenue.

Another way is to create a YouTube channel, put up a video on a regular schedule. in the video you talk about your subject matter and then at the end drive eyeballs to your blog (“be sure to check out the freshest content at “Feinstein on the Brink”) as well as putting up the URL inside the video so people can see it.

You can also cross-link all your sites ultimately driving eyeballs to the freshest content. You can rotate the freshest content from site to site which drives search engines batty and allows you to get a lot more coverage.
example: after 30 days, roll the blog content over to your Facebook page with links back.

When you find the right program and execute it — a disciplined approach will drive revenue.
As with the old top40 “clock format” at the AM radio station — you develop a schedule to keep the content flowing to all your online outlets.
You can re-arrange the schedule to keep it fresh and create more traffic. this keeps the eyeballs coming back because they know there will be fresh content.

Twitter is terrific for this, as well.
Sample tweet: “i just uploaded a 5-minute podcast with some thoughts about xyz” and then add the link to send eyeballs right back to your blog, Facebook page, whatever.

Finally, you’ll want to add track-back links to your site — this could be DIGG or any of the others.

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